The workshop where Daniel creates his furniture has changed much since 2008. His business now operates from a well-equipped studio with precision digital equipment.

Training at one of the leading furniture making colleges in the country and working alongside master craftsmen for over ten years, Daniel has build a good business working with interior designers and private clients in South Wales and across the UK.

By using time-honoured craftsmanship steeped in tradition alongside twenty first century processes and equipment, Daniel ensures the furniture he produces is of the highest quality.

A digital thicknesser accurate to 0.1mm is used alongside the traditional bench plane, sharpened and used by hand and eye.

Veneering and laminating techniques are carried out in house to create curved components and veneered surfaces, like Daniel’s Grace circular dining table, made using different types of ash wood.


Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Daniel will guide you through the process from drawing board to the final instillation making the whole experience personal, collaborating with him to create a piece that fulfils all your requirements.

You can get in touch with Daniel through the contact page.